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If you’re organizing a festival, bloc party, wedding or cookout, you’ll need to ensure the event is enjoyable and accessible to everyone. The key is to plan ahead so there aren’t barriers for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. In today’s blog, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of what you’ll need to consider so that your event meets accessibility standards.

Transportation and parking

First, think about how guests will get to the venue. If it’s accessible by public transit, you’ll need to find out if people in wheelchairs can use it. If not, you should provide alternative transport. Additionally, make sure there’s parking close to the event site.


Consider whether everyone can enter and move around the venue easily. If the event is taking place outside, check for obstacles that could make it hard for people with a cane or walker to navigate. If it’s being held indoors, make sure there’s enough room for them to safely manoeuvre. This includes ensuring the floors don’t have slippery tiles or thick carpeting that can increase the risk of falling.


Make sure the washrooms have wheelchair accessible stalls, grab bars and easy-to-reach sinks and toilet paper dispensers. If the event is happening outdoors, you’ll need to get at least one wheelchair accessible portable toilet. To help you decide how many rentals you’ll need, speak with the staff at an experienced portable sanitation company. Otherwise, you could end up with long queues that make it harder to keep the washrooms clean and safe.


Check that there’s enough light so people with a hearing impairment can easily read lips, body language and signs. This is also important for older guests who may need visual cues to move around safely. If your event is happening during the day, take steps to control the amount of natural light in the venue. Shadows and glare can make it even harder for people with low vision to see.


A space with a lot of echo can cause huge problems for people with a hearing impairment. To reduce echo, you can add carpeting, cover the walls and windows or include more furnishings in the room. Additionally, if there will be a presentation or speeches; consider whether a sound system is necessary to ensure all guests can hear properly.

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