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A couple enjoying a several day Festival.


Festivals lasting a few days must have portable bathrooms in place to accommodate guests. Not only are they a convenience for attendees, but usually a requirement as part of the festival organizing permits and process. When you rent a porta potty in Hamilton (or multiple units) over the span of a few days, you need to not only plan for their use but also cleaning those portable bathrooms to ensure proper sanitation throughout your event. Furthermore, you have a few details to consider if your festival spans over two days to as long as a week.

6 Essential Tips for Portable Bathroom Use at a Festival

It does not matter if you have a weekend festival or a week-long celebration planned; you must plan how your Hamilton portable bathrooms are used and how you will ensure they stay sanitary. From setting up your vendors to ordering tents and placing requests for catering, you have plenty on your plate. It is easy to skip over the idea of a portable bathroom, but before you do, consider the following:

  1. Placement: Where you place your portable restrooms is critical. You want them in a high and dry area close to food service, but not directly next door.

  2. Served Items: The more beverages and alcoholic drinks served at the festival, the more portable bathrooms you might need. So, consider adding a few extra near beverage service stations.

  3. Porta Potty Cleaning: You must keep portable bathrooms sanitary. Consider how you will have the portable bathrooms cleaned, or inquire with your rental service to see if they can maintain them daily for sanitation. Make sure you add hand washing stations to the exterior to keep your festival site up to code.

  4. Visibility: Portable bathrooms must be clearly visible. If they are tucked away, ensure you have clear signage directing visitors of the event toward the bathroom areas.

  5. Night Considerations: For nighttime events, you need good lighting. Also, see that there is adequate lighting around portable bathrooms so that they are visible and there are no risks of slips and falls.

  6. Handicap Access Bathrooms: You need handicap accessible bathrooms for individuals with disabilities and special needs. While you do not need as many such units as you would regular units, having one per bathroom zone is ideal and keeps your event up to code.

Planning Portable Bathroom Use Includes Guest Count

It is unlikely your festival requires RSVPs. However, you must estimate how many attendees you will have per day, and the number of running hours each day of the festival, so that you can accurately estimate portable bathroom rentals. Luckily, you have the team at Pitton Portables to help. We can get the numbers for your event and help you determine how many units you must rent. In addition, we supply all the accessories, including handwashing stations, so that your event is conveniently set up and guests are comfortable. Call us today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online to order your porta potty in Hamilton for your next event.


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