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Summer is kicking off and is the perfect time of year for a family party! Great driving conditions, outdoor activities and lifted spirits make it a great season to bring together multiple generations, catch up with cousins and make some lasting memories. Are you are in the planning stages of your family party? Pitton Portables can provide portable bathroom rentals in Oakville, Milton and Hamilton. Our experienced staff can offer recommendations and help you sort out the bathroom details for your event.

Planning Tips for Your Family Party, Outdoors!

Like any event, a lot of planning goes into a memorable family party. Distant locales, changing schedules, and different dietary needs can make these days a challenge. They are worth the effort though and are guaranteed to be a fun time! Here are some tips to start your planning and ensure that no detail gets forgotten:

  • Set the date. One of the first major decisions will be the ‘when’ of your event. Once a date is chosen, you can send out the invitation and get family members to RSVP. There are lots of easy to use online resources that make this process simple and make arranging a headcount a breeze.

  • Book a “friendly” venue. Once you have a rough idea of numbers (even if all of the RSVPs haven’t arrived), you can decide on the venue. Outdoor events are ideal for summer, getting everyone outside and keeping homes from getting messy. Keep in mind the range of guests that will be attending and find an outdoor space that has a reasonably flat terrain. If members of your family use mobile assistive devices or have small children, ensuring that they can enjoy the event as much as others will keep everyone happy.

  • Think clean up. Make the after-party as carefree as the party itself by providing ample garbage and recycling outlets around the area. Bringing extra garbage bags and bins will ensure the clean-up is completed quickly and keep the party area beautiful throughout the event.

  • Sufficient bathrooms. You don’t want the event to be spoiled by winding lines or long walks just to use the toilet. Pitton Plumbing’s portable bathroom rentals in Burlington will give your family easy access to facilities. That way they can forget them as an afterthought, rather than remember them as a time-consuming part of the event. Pitton Portables offers a variety of porta potty styles in the Hamilton area, from accessible bathrooms to white units, so they will blend in and be easy to use for all guests.

  • Fast food. Even if you have some highly skilled family cooks, no one wants to spend the entire event behind the grill. Prep some food, consider catering, and ask everyone to contribute something to the table. That way, everyone can spend time enjoying each other’s company and feast over a great meal. Be sure to ask about dietary restrictions or preferences in your invitation so that any individuals with allergies or other dietary concerns don’t go hungry.

  • Activities for all ages. Have fun events planned that everyone can participate in. Family tree quizzes, lawn games, ongoing competitions and story sharing can help break the ice with distant relatives and make everyone feel included throughout the day.

Rent a Portable Bathroom for Your Outdoor Family Party

Sorted the details, but not sure how many portable bathrooms you will require? Consult our handy porta potty usage chart or contact our friendly staff today to schedule your porta potty rental in Milton. From handwashing stations to accessible bathrooms, our special events team is here to make your event a success. Contact Pitton Portables to book your portable bathroom rental today at 1-800-499-4184 or reach us online to learn more about porta potties in Hamilton.


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