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How to Prep Portable Toilets for Germ-Sensitive People

Most people think portable toilets are smelly, messy, and overall, unsanitary. If you asked someone who is sensitive about germs to use a portable toilet during an otherwise fabulous outdoor event, they might laugh in your face. However, just because a toilet is portable doesn’t mean it needs to be disgusting. Follow these tips to make the experience of using a portable toilet pleasant, even for your most concerned guests.

Keep the toilet stocked with toilet paper and paper towels

There’s no experience quite as unpleasant as reaching for toilet paper and finding none there. Be sure to provide plenty of toilet paper and paper towels for your guests so they can leave the portable toilet fresh and clean. The more germ-conscious of your guests can even use paper towels to cover the handle on the portable toilet door to avoid touching germs on their way out of the toilet.

Provide hand sanitizer

Place hand sanitizer in the stall or nearby outside so your guests can make sure their hands are completely germ-free.

Use scented sprays

To fight the bad odor of human waste, try using scented sprays. You can include a small bottle of spray inside the stall of the portable toilet. That way each user can use a couple sprays as they leave the toilet or use it to combat bad smells as they enter. Overall, they will feel more comfortable. Do not use scented candles to get rid of bad smells. An open flame can ignite the methane gas from human waste and cause a dangerous fire.

Install portable hand washing stations

Most germaphobes aren’t satisfied with a quick spritz of sanitizer to clean their hands. To keep your guests happy, include a portable hand washing station a short distance away from the portable toilets. Your guests won’t have to spend extra time in the toilet with unpleasant smells while they wash their hands, and they won’t have to worry about touching germy surfaces after they wash their hands.

Place toilet or two in an out-of-the-way location

Guests who are concerned with privacy while they take care of private business will thank you for including a portable toilet in a discreet location. They won’t have to worry about the attention of nearby guests and will feel more comfortable while they take care of necessary business. For more advice about portable toilet use in large events, call us at 1-800-499-4184 or send us an email message. We can also provide a free estimate to help you plan your event.


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