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Tips for Preventing Restroom Vandalism: A Go-To Guide

Whether you’re planning a concert in the park or a community fair, portable toilets are a must-have for any event. The bigger the crowd, the more toilets you need to keep up with the demand. However, portable toilets are often the subject of vandalism. From love letters written in marker to spray paint on the walls, graffiti artists and vandals can’t seem to resist the urge to leave their mark. Paying for damages can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to protect your investment. These tips and tricks can help prevent restroom vandalism.


Location is essential for keeping vandalism to a minimum. Well-maintained restrooms in high traffic areas are less likely to be vandalized than those tucked away in poorly visible areas. While vandalism can happen at any time of day or night, keeping a restroom well lit helps to prevent vandalism. This increases visibility and decreases a vandal’s chances of getting away unnoticed. If your toilet is for a private event, consider fencing off the area to restrict access and discourage unwanted use.


While you should keep privacy in mind, the more eyes you have watching a portable toilet the better. It’s more difficult for vandals to cause damage if they are under constant surveillance, which is why placing your portable restrooms near a surveillance camera minimizes vandalism, even if the camera is not yours. Whenever possible, have a good line of site to your restroom, so you can take action quickly. For some events, it might be ideal if you hire a personal attendant to watch the restrooms. Not only does this limit vandalism, but an attendant can ensure that all restrooms are clean, neat, and stocked for your guests.

Take Action Quickly

While smaller acts of vandalism might not be spotted until after the fact, larger acts of vandalism should be reported to the police or someone who can take charge as soon as possible. Addressing graffiti quickly gives you more time to clean up the problem, and it discourages others from repeating the act. If necessary, stake your restroom to the ground to deter tip overs, and use a lock-kit to prevent restroom use after hours.

Be Prepared for Vandalism

Even if you follow these steps closely, unforeseen vandalism may still occur. Fortunately, Pitton offers a Damage Waiver with you in mind. If you’re interested in purchasing a damage waiver for your portable units, contact our office for additional information.


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