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High-rise construction sites are difficult to access and have limited space for facilities. That’s why high-rise construction portable toilets are necessary at these types of sites. They’re a must when downtime needs to be minimized and the safety and comfort of your workers is a priority. Here’s what you should know about them to help you choose the right option for your next project!

3 Types of High-Rise Portable Toilets

There are three kinds of porta potties that can be used on high-rise construction sites: regular portable units with a sling and roll-off units. Each of these toilet rental options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Regular portable unit with a high-rise sling.

In order to deliver this type of porta potty to difficult-to-reach job sites, a sling and lifting hooks are put into the unit so a crane can be attached. The lifting hooks are wrapped in galvanized steel that doesn’t rust. The units are large and comfortable and can be fitted with a battery-operated light.

  • Pros: Regular portable units with a high-rise sling are easy to transport with a crane, and they have a large holding tank (60 gallons). They have plenty of room inside.

  • Cons: They’re heavy and hard to move once delivered to the site.

Roll-off units.

Roll-off units are more compact and versatile than regular portable toilets fitted with a sling. These units are fitted with four industrial-strength caster wheels, which means workers can easily move the unit up to your high-rise job site in an elevator. Once brought to the job site, your workers can move the porta potties to the most convenient location. They can later be repositioned as the work proceeds. Once in place, the wheels on the porta-potty lock so the unit stays in place. The units have a toilet located inside the stall and a urinal in the back. They also have a detachable roof for protection from the elements.

  • Pros: Roll-offs are small and compact and can be wheeled into freight elevators or convenient locations.

  • Cons: They’re less roomy, less private and have smaller holding tanks (38 gallons) than regular porta-potties.

Single self-contained units.

Our single self-contained restroom units can also be lifted making them ideal for high-rise projects where running water or sewer services are unavailable. They operate as fully equipped portable washrooms with ventilation, running water, lighting and heat.

  • Pros: Roomy units with hot and cold water, made from heavy gauge steel exteriors are insulated and equipped with heaters, hot and cold running water, sinks, toilet and urinal. They have the largest holding tank capacity at 110 Gallons.

  • Cons: The self-contained units are larger than the other options and require access to two 15 AMP 110 Volt Power Cords.

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Pitton Plumbing is a leading provider of toilet rentals for the construction industry in Hamilton, Toronto and surrounding areas. Our construction products and services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and everything we offer our clients is Ministry approved. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your construction project.


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