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Whether you are undertaking a small home renovation or a large scale project, addressing the sanitary requirements of your construction crew and clients is the key to keeping your project running efficiently. One of the best things you can do is place portable toilets on-site. Not only will this benefit your crew and clients, it will also be environment-friendly, and help you save money.

Benefits of Portable Toilets at Your Construction Sites in and around Hamilton:

  • Productivity: On-site porta potties will reduce the crews’ downtime and eliminate any distractions when trying to find an off-site restroom. Stress-free bladders translate to happy, productive workers who will complete projects competently, and on time!

  • Protecting Client Privacy: The absence of on-site sanitation could mean that at times, workers may have to use the client’s existing bathrooms. This could be a potential intrusion on the individual or families’ lifestyle or routines while they are already coping with construction woes such as noise, dust, and debris. Porta potties are a convenient solution to protect your client’s privacy.

  • Health and Safety: The contained units of porta potties ensure that the construction sites remain clean, safe, and disease-free. These units take up minimal space and do not need ongoing water supply, making them an environment-friendly option.

  • Legal Requirements: Depending on the length and type of project, certain laws such as Construction Health & Safety Act and Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) may not only mandate portable toilets on construction sites, they may even specify the exact type of units required. Providing the appropriate porta potties will help you stay on the right side of the law.

Renting the Right Construction Porta Potties

If your construction site comes under the purview of legally defined requirements, you will have to follow the stipulation regarding type and number of porta potty units on-site. Certain regulations call for heated portable sanitation, with flushing toilets and warm water. They also state that the toilet bowl be separate from the holding tank, and the flushed waste be chemically treated in the holding tank. If your site is exempt from any legal requirements, you can choose the unit that is most suitable to your site and budget. Usually, porta potty units come with a toilet seat, holding tank and urinal. These units are built to withstand extreme temperatures between minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to plus 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also rent units that come with a portable sink and flusher. Most portable bathroom providers offer regular deliveries and maintenance services.

Leading Construction Porta Potty Services in Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

For your construction porta potty requirements, look no further than Pitton Plumbing. Our extensive service areas include Southwestern Ontario’s major cities such as Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, and several others. Reach out to us for your portable bathroom solutions and keep your construction site safe, efficient, and legally compliant. Speak to our construction porta potty service experts to understand the most appropriate options for your project. Call us today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online.


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