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Hosting winter events allows for the magical charm or snowy backdrops, comfort food and festive decorations. It can also, however, present unique challenges with inclement weather and having the added task of keeping guests warm and cozy. There are some additional preparations to make when ensuring you have enough places for your guests to “go” at your winter event. Portable bathroom rentals in Burlington provide enough space and some heating to make them user-friendly during the winter season. With a few simple considerations, you can keep bathroom lines to a minimum and make your guests comfortable throughout your entire event.

Here are some considerations for making porta potties more comfortable and in good working condition during your winter event:

  • Clear snow and ice before rental bathrooms arrive – Before the event, clear any snow or ice in the area where you want porta potties to be placed. This will help the set-up process move quickly and will provide even ground for the bathroom rentals to be placed upon. It will also prevent your guests from slipping on the way to take care of their ‘business’.

  • Lay down some salt or sand – Take the time to spread some salt or sand on the path to the outdoor bathrooms and surrounding area. Minimize the risk to guests and make sure they can access the portable bathroom rentals without injury, no matter how far the units are or what kind of shoes they are wearing.

  • Place units in a garage or heated area – If possible, find space to place porta potties in a garage or heated space. Any protection from the elements will help keep your guests more comfortable. You don’t want your guests catching a chill and remembering your event for all the wrong reasons!

  • Add heaters in the porta potty – If it is not possible to find room in a heated space for the extra restrooms, consider adding space heaters in the porta potty unit rentals from Hamilton to help keep your guests warm at every corner of your event.

  • Use hand sanitizer instead of soap and water – Avoid freezing issues, and the spreading of germs by using hand sanitizer in porta potties. Opt out of traditional soap and water which may freeze, causing issues as the temperature drops.

Pitton Plumbing & Heating can help make your winter event a success. We provide portable bathroom rentals in Milton and surrounding areas all year long for your event, whether in Hamilton, Milton, Oakville, or a neighbouring city. Let us help keep your guests comfortable at your next event. Give us a call at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online.


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