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Proper sanitation should be a given when running events for a youth sports organization, especially during the warm summers in Southern Ontario. Whether you’re running games, large championships or practices, these tips will ensure that you never have to worry about sanitation during your events and that everyone stays comfortable.

Have Enough Restrooms

The basic rule of thumb for determining how many restrooms you’ll need is one portable bathroom per 100 people attending the event. That’s usually enough, but if you’re running large all-day events involving food and beverage sales, you might want to go up to one porta potty per 35 people. This will ensure a higher level of comfort and shorter lines, making your event more enjoyable for everyone.

Location, location, location!

Having enough restrooms is one thing, but if they’re not placed properly, you might end up with long lines. You’ll want to make sure they’re easily accessible to fans and athletes, of course, but should also pick locations that afford easy access for the service trucks. One important thing to remember is to avoid clustering the facilities in one location. Spreading them out means shorter walks to the bathroom for some attendees, and will allow the service crew to work on some bathrooms while the others are still accessible.

Service Frequency

The combination of heat and portable bathrooms isn’t always the most appealing, so making sure that your sanitary installations are serviced regularly is very important. While one service a week is usually enough, everyone has different needs, so speaking to a professional about how to best manage service frequency is important.

Choose the Right Rental & the Right People

In addition to figuring out how many bathrooms you’ll need, deciding where they’ll go and working out your servicing schedule, you need to choose the right rental for your event. Do you only need regular portable bathrooms? What about wheelchair accessible installations? Getting in touch with a porta potty expert in Hamilton is the first step in figuring all this out. Speaking to people familiar with your area will guarantee you find the right solution for your needs. Home field advantage isn’t just important in sports.

Porta Potty Experts in Hamilton and SW Ontario

When selecting a company to handle your sanitation needs, going with people familiar with your area should be a priority. Pitton Plumbing provides a wide range of services, from special events to long-term installations. Contact us today to request a quote.


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