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You have been planning this all year. The decorations are perfect, the caterers are ready to go with the menu, and the guest list has sent theirs RSVPs to your event. Are you forgetting anything for this epic bash? Most likely, you have forgotten about the bathroom. Regardless if you have one bathroom or three in your home, when your guest count creeps up past 20 people, and you are serving plenty of beverages, bathroom demands will exceed availability.

The Benefits of a Porta Potty for Your Holiday Bash

Having a porta potty for Hamilton parties will do more than extending your toilet options. In fact, when you rent portable bathrooms for your event, you can:

  1. Save Yourself Cleanup Hassles: You have enough to clean after your party, so why add more by having to clean one or more bathrooms? When you rent a portable restroom, the company you rent from will take care of stocking, cleaning, and sanitizing; leaving you with one less area to cleanup post-party.

  2. Economical: The cost of renting a portable bathroom is minor when you consider the cost of electricity and water consumed by guests using the restrooms of your house or facility.

  3. Outdoor Access: If most of your party will be outside, you want guests to be able to use the restroom without having to find their way back through your house. With a portable bathroom, you solve that problem and provide a toilet that is easy to access while outside.

  4. Keeping Your Bathroom and Home Private: If you do not want all the guests of your party in bathrooms, passing through bedrooms, or going upstairs, you can rent a portable toilet to keep guests out of the private areas of your house.

  5. ADA Compliant: Perhaps you are hosting the neighbourhood’s Halloween party this year, which means you need to accommodate all your guest needs; including staying ADA compliant. When you rent a Halloween porta potty, you can get one that meets ADA requirements so that your bash truly accommodates everyone attending the party.

  6. Plenty of Options: Portable bathrooms today come in a variety of styles and with add-ons that help you pick units perfect for your event needs. You can add sanitizing stations, handwashing, and extra-large units for more space inside.

Rent a Portable Bathroom for Your Hamilton Holiday Party For your next Holiday party or event, skip the hassles of allowing guests to use your private bathrooms and rent a portable bathroom instead. A portable bathroom is economical, sanitary, and makes you appear as a caring, thoughtful, excellent host. The team at Pitton Portables can help you find the portable bathroom that suits your party’s needs, guest count, and budget. Be sure to book your portable bathroom for a Holiday party early before the last-minute rush! Call us today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online to ask about our Hamilton portable bathroom rentals, services, and options for your next event.


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