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Do-it-yourself projects are a fantastic way to make your home your own. You get full control over the process, can learn new skills and get a sense of accomplishment once the work is completed. Without proper training, however, these forays into DIY work can become disasters that require even more home repairs and remodeling. Especially with tricky trades like electrical and plumbing, it is important to hire professionals who are fully trained and can ensure the work being completed keeps your home in safe, working order that is up to code.

What kind of work should I hire a plumber for?

Certain plumbing work is more complicated than others and should be handled by an experienced professional plumber. While you may feel confident completing small repairs around your home, think twice before taking on these major projects:

  • New basement bathrooms – Below-ground plumbing is a complex process and is best left to trained plumbers, like Pitton Plumbing’s plumbers in Oakville for example. While downstairs plumbing can add a lot of value and convenience to your home, if done incorrectly, it can also cause a lot of issues and as a result be very costly. Do research so that you can communicate with your plumber about the design specifications you want, but let the professionals handle the work.

  • Vanity installation – Transitioning from a pedestal sink to a vanity in your bathroom or powder room can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Often, this type of project requires rough plumbing adjustments within the wall, which can be tricky work and should be left to a plumber. If your new vanity has drawers, you will want one of our plumbers in Burlington, Hamilton or surrounding area, to ensure the pipes are arranged to fit and clear these features.

  • Shower and bathtub installation or repairs – As with vanity installation, new fixtures could mean rough plumbing adjustments and new configurations. Taking out old bathtubs can be quite difficult, based on the size and weight of the model. Getting them out of the bathroom in one piece may be impossible. Repairing or removing old units often uncovers water damage or other issues, and new models may have special requirements that plumbers are equipped to deal with.

Pitton Plumbing can help make your bathroom renovation and installation project successful and stress-free. Leave large projects and complicated bathtub installations to the experts. Our team of plumbers in Hamilton, Burlington, and our Oakville plumbers provide professional and reliable service. Call us today at 1-800-499-4184 to schedule an appointment or contact us online.


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