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How to Tighten Your Toilet Seat

Is your toilet seat coming loose? You need to tighten it before it makes you “loose” about other things, like the cleanliness of your bathroom after you use it. Don’t let it get the better of you when it shifts unexpectedly, making a mess as you try to keep yourself from falling. Show that toilet seat who’s boss by following the steps below:

  1. Find its groove. Your toilet seat attaches to the back of the toilet with a couple of plastic bolts and nuts, so it’s easy for the seat to get displaced. Find the little boxes that cover the top of the nuts and bolts where the seat connects to the toilet. Then locate the groove in the covers and use a screwdriver to pry them open.

  2. Centre that seat. Unscrew the bolts and centre the seat over the bowl, making sure it balances correctly.

  3. Put the bolts back in. Use your screwdriver to reattach the nuts and bolts. You should be using a larger screwdriver to keep the bolt from slipping.

  4. Tighten the bolts as much as possible. If the bolts won’t tighten as you turn them, you’ll need to add some tension by placing small pliers on the bolt and the nut, locking the pliers, and turning the bolt again. You’ll know that the bolt is tight enough when the nut stops it from turning. Close the covers.

However, if your toilet seat still comes loose, you may have a more serious problem to deal with. Here are some likely scenarios:

  1. One or both of your bolts are likely stripped or broken, which means that you need to replace them. You should be able to find new ones at your local hardware store.

  2. The toilet seat itself could be broken, so you’ll need to replace that as well. But before you replace it, make sure you get a new seat that will fit your toilet. Toilets come in round or elongated shapes, so buy a new seat that fits your toilet’s shape.

  3. There’s a flaw in the shape of your toilet. If you’ve bought a new toilet or a new house with new toilets, you may have purchased an imperfect model. The holes for the nuts may be too big or maybe the bowl and seat were shaped incorrectly.

You may have to replace the entire unit. Once you’ve addressed all of these problems, you will be the master of your porcelain throne again. If you have any other toilet problems, call Pitton Plumbing for more tips.


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