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close up view of various plumbing pipes

You might not give much thought to the different kinds of plumbing pipes in your home. However, these pipes are integral to your plumbing system. By familiarizing yourself a bit with the various piping options available, you can explore which ones are being used at your residence. Having this knowledge could help streamline the repair process when you need to call a plumber in Oakville.

Exploring Different Plumbing Pipe Types and their Uses

These are some of the various kinds of plumbing pipes that might be found in your home, as well as near your residence outdoors.

  1. Copper: Copper pipes are very commonly used for residential purposes. They are highly resistant to rust, which makes them a perfect choice for supplying water to the home. Copper can also withstand high temperatures. These pipes are not usually employed for drainage.

  2. Steel: Your home might contain pipes made from galvanized steel or stainless steel. Galvanized pipes are used to move water in and out of a home. They come with a coating that is rust-resistant, and they are quite heavy. Stainless pipes are costly, and thus, they are not commonly found in the home. They can withstand salt water, so they might make a good choice in a marine environment.

  3. Concrete: Concrete is very durable, and it may also come reinforced. Reinforced concrete pipes are useful for supplying water. Smaller concrete pipes that have not been reinforced are often used to drain rain water.

  4. Asbestos Cement (AC): AC pipes are heavy, and they are more affordable than some of the other varieties. They are typically used for drainage, although they might also be utilized for ventilation purposes.

  5. Cast Iron: This kind of pipe was relied on more in the past than it is today. Cast iron pipes are very durable, but they are also very heavy. While they can be found in water distribution systems, they are generally used for drainage and sewer systems.

  6. Plastic: Plumbing pipes can be made from different types of plastic. PEX resists heat quite well, so it could be a solid option for a water-based home heating system. PVC only has the capacity to withstand cold water, and it can be found in high-pressure water drainage systems. CPVC is a variation of PVC, and it can endure hot and cold temperatures. CPVC might be used in a water supply system.

  7. Clay: Clay pipes are heavy, and they cannot be cut very easily. Clay can resist chemical erosion, which makes it a viable option for an underground setting.

The plumbing in your home is an important system. Using the right pipe types for the right jobs could prevent the need for frequent plumbing repairs. The pros at Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. are always happy to discuss piping possibilities, as well as help you troubleshoot plumbing issues in your Oakville home. Pitton Plumbing has extensive experience and a solid track record of providing superior plumbing services in Oakville. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about the pipes in your home plumbing system. You can reach us at 1-800-499-4184. Also, feel free to contact us online.


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