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Low water pressure can make cleaning dishes and showering a lengthy, wasteful and difficult process. There are various causes to this common issue, but luckily there are quick fixes as well. If the plumbing in your Hamilton area home is suffering from low water pressure, the team at Pitton Plumbing can offer a solution. Our friendly staff can diagnose the problem and offer a competitive quote to get the work done quickly and safely. Don’t risk causing further damage with guessing games and DIY attempts. Our team of professional plumbers in Hamilton can get the job done right the first time and ensure your water pressure is restored.

Understanding Your Low Water Pressure Problems

Not sure why your water pressure has suddenly dropped? It may only occur for hot or cold water or impact one or two faucets in your home. Whatever the case, these are some common causes for weak water pressure:

  • Faucet troubles – If only one sink or shower in your home is suffering from low water pressure, you should check the aerator. It may be time for it to be cleaned or replaced in order to restore water flow. Not sure where or what the aerator is? Call in your local Burlington plumber for assistance.

  • Bigger problems – If all areas of your home are impacted, you should check the PRV and shut off your valves. Inspect pipes for leaks and signs of water damage. If the pressure drops while using hot water, check the valves of your water heater. If you can’t quite pinpoint the cause, Pitton Plumbing’s experienced plumbers are here to identify the problem and provide the right plumbing solution.

  • Outer origins – Sometimes the cause of low water pressure is outside of your home and therefore, outside of your control. It can be difficult for the average person to determine if municipal water troubles are the cause, so getting an expert opinion from a plumber in the area, whether Hamilton or elsewhere, is essential. One way to prevent water pressure problems in the first place is to have a pressure tank and pump installed in your home. Getting ahead of issues is one of the best ways to avoid them and keep your home’s plumbing flowing smooth and strong.

Pitton Plumbing can provide installation, maintenance and repair plumbing services for residents in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. Reach our team of fast, friendly and experienced plumbers to identify the cause of your plumbing issues and restore your water pressure. Get your quote today by contacting us online or call us to schedule your maintenance appointment at 1-800-499-4184.


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