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A special occasion, whether it’s an outdoor wedding or a corporate retreat, calls for a luxurious bathroom. After all, your guests deserve a place to take care of business in total comfort. Fortunately, Pitton Plumbing Portable Sanitation has spotless VIP trailers available to rent for large parties and events throughout most of southwestern Ontario. Here are just some of the reasons to consider installing pristine portable units for your next outdoor shindig.

A Five-Star Bathroom Experience

When it comes to portable bathroom facilities, VIP trailers are top of the line. Your guests are sure to be impressed the moment they see the sleek white walls, stainless steel mirrored vanity and immaculate porcelain toilet. Thanks to their spacious design and fully functional sinks, our portable units are a must for upscale events. Here are some of the other features they include:

  • Self-closing faucets that dispense warm water to ensure pleasant handwashing conditions

  • Built-in trash receptacles, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and toilet seat covers to help maintain a clean space

  • Heating and air conditioning to provide a comfortable interior temperature

  • Powered roof vents to help eliminate odours and germs

  • An exterior light to indicate when the bathroom is occupied

Compared to a standard portable unit, it’s not hard to see why VIP trailers provide an all-around better bathroom experience. Although you can upgrade regular porta potties with a foot pump activated flusher and sink, our dual-washroom luxury restroom trailers are the way to go for any type of elegant event. What’s more, a VIP trailer provides 600 uses before it needs to be serviced. This makes it ideally suited for large gatherings and multi-day events.

A Versatile Solution For All Types Of Occasions

Since they have heating and air conditioning, VIP trailers can be used to create a comfortable bathroom experience throughout the year. Additionally, these luxury portable toilets are well-suited for a variety of personal and professional outdoor events, such as:

  • Weddings. If you have guests who are decked out in fine clothing, they deserve a portable restroom experience to match. By opting for VIP trailers, you’ll ensure the bathrooms are an elegant part of the occasion. You can even decorate them with fairy lights, flowers and other adornments.

  • Corporate events. Cramped, dirty bathrooms and professional prestige don’t mix. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue for employees, a golf tournament for clients or a networking event for industry partners, a spotless VIP trailer is sure to make the right impression.

  • Family reunions. If you’re hosting a large family gathering, you’ll want people to remember the love and laughter, not the awful restroom facilities. Give your family the bathroom experience they deserve by providing them with spacious luxury portable toilets.

  • On-location shoots. Whether you’re filming a movie or creating an ad campaign, working in an outdoor setting rather than on a soundstage or in a studio can be hectic. If you want your stars to shine, provide them a bathroom experience worthy of an A-list celebrity.

  • Outdoor parties. Regardless of whether you’re planning an outdoor festival, wedding anniversary, street fair or birthday celebration, VIP toilet trailers are the way to go if you want to ensure your guests are happy and have a great time.

These are just some of the occasions when a VIP trailer is a worthwhile investment, and renting one or more will ensure that your guests will have an enjoyable bathroom experience. Another luxurious portable toilet option for such events is our spacious white wedding unit.

A Simple Way to Ensure Health And Safety

Now more than ever, it’s essential to maintain hygienic conditions at public and private gatherings. Fortunately, VIP trailers are equipped with soap dispensers and self-closing faucets that supply hot water. These features allow guests to follow hand hygiene guidelines and avoid unnecessarily touching surfaces. Plus, the powered roof vent helps keep the air inside the unit free of both odours and germs. If you want to further upgrade the sanitation facilities at your outdoor event, consider renting additional handwashing stations or a sink trailer. These units make it easy to add two, four or eight sinks on-site. Each one comes equipped with soap and paper towel dispensers, as well as self-closing or foot pump-activated faucets. Having these amenities on site will ensure that guests can keep their hands clean without creating a line for the bathroom.

Luxury VIP Portable Toilet Rentals in Southwestern Ontario

If you’re planning a family reunion, corporate retreat or other outdoor event, Pitton Plumbing Portable Sanitation is a reputable source for luxury portable toilets. From VIP trailers to wheelchair accessible units, we offer a range of portable facilities to suit your needs and keep your guests comfortable. For more information about our products and services, or to request a free quote, contact us today.


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