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Are you thinking of upgrading the restroom facilities at your construction site? While standard portable toilets are adequate in some contexts, there are some major advantages to renting our state-of-the-art restroom trailers. Here are some of the reasons why they’re so popular with construction companies.

Extra Warmth

During winter, construction workers need to work in sub-zero temperatures. Having a heated portable toilet goes a long way in these circumstances. It helps workers retain body heat when removing layers to go to the bathroom and improves the overall quality of their working conditions. Our restroom trailers are insulated and equipped with heaters to keep workers warm when the temperature starts to drop.

Enhanced Comfort

Our restroom trailers don’t just provide heating but also spaciousness and all-round comfort. The interior includes a porcelain toilet and urinal, a stainless-steel sink and countertop, a lighting system, a mirror, hot and cold running water, paper towels, toilet tissue and soap. In short, it has everything users need to be comfortable while using the restroom and to practise good hygiene. Moreover, the two-bathroom units included with every trailer can be labelled male and female, so you can offer your female staff greater comfort by providing them with their own facilities.


Our restroom trailers also have the advantage of being especially sturdy. Their heavy-gauge steel exterior is made to withstand the elements and our team maintains them to ensure that they remain in optimal condition. If you’re dealing with harsh weather conditions, or if your construction site has uneven terrain, a restroom trailer is your best bet.

Easy Transportability

Restroom trailers are, highly mobile. Indeed, they can easily be hitched and transported behind a truck. This is highly convenient for crews that need to move between job sites. It can also be a more cost-effective option than using stationary units in these circumstances, as you can transport the restrooms yourself rather than rely on our team to do so. Note that our restroom trailers, and all our other portable restroom rentals, come with weekly service by our technicians. This includes cleaning, restocking, removing waste, filling the unit with fresh washer and ensuring that everything is functioning as it should. Our high-rise portable toilets even come with a high-rise sling.

Portable Toilet Rentals for Construction Sites in Southwestern Ontario

If you’re interested in renting a restroom trailer or any other portable toilet for your construction site, trust the team at Pitton Plumbing Portable Sanitation. We have a variety of styles to choose from and provide you with unparalleled service. For more information about our products and services, reach out to us today.


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