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Plumber cleaning drain using high pressure flushing

If you ever have to deal with roots infiltrating your plumbing or even soft clogs, you’ll need to decide which method to use to solve your issues. Here’s a quick look at two common pipe-clearing methods.

Drain Augering

Augering relies on the use of a long, flexible cable with a tightly coiled tip which is pushed through pipe with the help of a hand crank or an electric motor. The auger functions like a drill, boring a hole through the clog and gently scraping the sides of the pipe. They’re useful for dealing with tree roots, soft blockages and hair clogs.

Augering: Cons

The main disadvantage of augers is that they can only clear a path that’s the same size as the auger itself. This means that it can leave behind residue that could lead to future clogs. If you’ve tried using an auger in the past but are still experiencing frequent blockages, it may be time to give high-pressure flushing a try.

High-pressure Flushing

High-pressure flushing uses hoses designed to deliver highly pressurized water through a jet nozzle to clear a pipe. The nozzle typically has both forward-firing and back-firing jets to achieve a 360-degree clean. If the blockages in your plumbing are caused by grease buildup, high-pressure flushing is your best bet. Unlike augering, high-pressure flushing removes any residue that may be clinging to the pipe walls like sludge, sewage, grease or other types of debris. It’s a great option for kitchen drains and garbage compactors, as well as sump pits or areas where hardened sludge can form.

Leave it to the Pros

Effective as it is, high-pressure flushing is a job that’s best left to a commercial plumber. While sewer jet attachments are available for many pressure washers, they aren’t nearly as effective. The flowrate on these machines is much lower than what you’ll find on the commercial equipment used by professional plumbers. It’s also important to remember that pressure washers use a lot of water, so if you’re not careful, your DIY job could leave you with flooding and a panicked call to an emergency plumber.

Expert Plumbers in Southern Ontario

If you’re looking for a fast, professional and reliable plumber in Hamilton, come to Pitton Plumbing & Heating. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective plumbing solutions to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Southwestern Ontario. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to book a service call.


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