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portable handwash station installed at construction site


Mobile workplaces present a real difficulty when it comes to promoting sanitary conditions. A lack of facilities jeopardizes the health of workers in these environments. To understand this, we might dwell on the fact that 80% of contagious diseases are transmitted by touch.

Promoting health and hygiene at your construction site

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that washing with soap and water is the best method of killing germs, superior to hand sanitizers and wipes, which, they point out, “do not eliminate all types of germs.” Moreover, hand sanitizers and wipes are not as effective in cleaning greasy or visibly dirty hands and in removing harmful chemicals. This is why an increasing number of employers are supplying their construction sites with portable handwash stations.

Better working conditions

Portable handwash stations play an important role in creating desirable working conditions on job sites that don’t have access to running water. Workers will be able to feel cleaner and more comfortable and will have access to water in the case of an emergency where they need to wash off harmful substances.

Promoting well-being and productivity

Portable handwash stations positively impact worker well-being and productivity. By promoting hygiene and eliminating germs, you’ll likely have fewer people calling in sick. Also, employees won’t have to wander off the job site in circumstances where they need running water. Lastly, you won’t have employees disturbing the clients’ privacy at their residences or places of work. This can be bothersome and even intrusive to clients, who might find that their private life or their work is being disrupted.

Using a handwash station

Pitton Plumbing Portable Sanitation supplies Hamilton and the GTA with top-of-the-line two- or four-person handwash stations. The stations are easy to use and to transport. The fresh water is activated by a foot pump and the stations come equipped with soap and paper towel dispensers.

Portable restrooms and trailers

These portable handwash stations are the natural compliment to our porta potties or the more sophisticated restroom trailer units. These products should appeal to any customer in Hamilton or the GTA looking for competitive prices, efficient services, and unfailingly clean and perfectly functioning toilets. Whether you need a restroom or handwashing station—or both—for your construction site, the professionals at Pitton Plumbing are here to help. Contact us today!


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