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close up view of a wheel chair accessible portable toilet


When you host an outdoor event, it’s up to you to make sure that all of your guests are comfortable, including those that use wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility aids to get around. One important amenity that you might not think about is wheelchair accessible washrooms. Here are a few reasons you should be sure to rent a wheelchair accessible portable toilet for the festival, fair, block party or wedding that you’re planning this summer.

  • Everyone has a place to go. Our wheelchair accessible units are perfect for anyone who needs help getting around. The doors are located at ground level, which means that the entrance way won’t be an impediment to those using mobility aids. In addition, the doors are wide enough to accommodate most types of wheelchairs and the interior is spacious enough to turn around in.

  • They’re great for families. Many parents know how difficult it is to manoeuvre a stroller in a small bathroom stall or portable toilet. Or just how small those areas can feel when parents have to shepherd one or more kids into a unit at the same time. Our wheelchair accessible units are roomy enough for parents and their families and everything that comes with them.

  • You’ll be following local guidelines. Hamilton, like many municipalities in Ontario, includes accessible washrooms on their list of guidelines for public events. If you’re planning a public event, wheelchair accessible portable washrooms guarantee that all citizens can enjoy the festivities

How many wheelchair-accessible toilets do I need?

You should have at least one wheelchair accessible unit on site at your event. For larger events, it’s recommended that one out of every ten regular portable toilets you provide your guests is accessible. The number of portable toilets you need for any given event depends on many different factors. How many people you’re expecting, whether you’re serving food and how long the event will last all should be taken into consideration. Consult our usage chart to get an idea of how many you need.

Portable toilet and handwash station rentals

If you’re planning an outdoor event in Hamilton or elsewhere in the surrounding area this summer, don’t overlook the importance of sanitary facilities for your guests. Pitton Plumbing & Heating has a wide variety of portable toilets to suit nearly any type of event. And if you need a handwash station, we’ve got plenty of those too! Call us today to reserve your units or get a free quote.


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