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exterior view of an older home

If you live in an older home and are having problems with your sewer lines, a CCTV drain inspection can help you identify the problem. Even if you’re not currently experiencing issues with your sewer lines, regular drain inspections can prevent the need for expensive repairs and help keep your home’s pipes flowing freely.

What’s a CCTV drain inspection?

CCTV drain inspections are employed by professional plumbers to observe the inside of pipes and sewer lines. This type of inspection involves inserting a tiny camera into your sewer lines. The camera is fitted with a light and attached to a long, flexible snake so that the plumber can push the camera through your pipes. The plumber can then see the inside of the sewer line and easily detect clogs, tree roots, signs of corrosion, broken fittings and other related problems.

How often should I get a CCTV drain inspection?

Older homes are more susceptible to sewer and drain problems and require regular maintenance. Homes built in the 1950s have sewer lines typically made of materials that can corrode. If you have an older home, you should get a CCTV drain inspection once every 18 to 22 months. This will save you money in the long run. Your plumber will be able to detect any problems before they become major issues, thereby allowing you to avoid the need for expensive repairs. Moreover, if you’re buying a home, especially an older one, you should consider getting a CCTV drain inspection before you sign on the dotted line. Sewer lines should not be an afterthought when purchasing real estate.

How can a CCTV drain inspection save me money?

Sewer backups can cause extensive damage to your home and be expensive to fix. Regular inspections can allow you to identify and prevent problems requiring costly repairs. If an inspection reveals problems such as grease buildup or other blockages, your plumber can use high-pressure flushing or electric drain augering to clear the lines out before they backup.

Contact Us for Sewer & Drain Services in Hamilton and Across Southwestern Ontario

The experts at Pitton Plumbing and Heating Inc. have the tools and experience needed to ensure your sewer lines are fully functional. In addition to our CCTV drain inspections, we provide drain and sewer cleaning to keep your pipes flowing freely. We serve homes in Hamilton and all of Southwestern Ontario. Contact us today to schedule your drain inspection and cleaning.


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